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We are a small yet versatile team of designers, developers, and marketing experts who are dead-set on launching awesome websites for our clients.


Marketing Media’s founders started doing websites for small to medium businesses and soon realized that small- and medium-sized businesses needed and wanted to get on the web, but were too overwhelmed with their day-to-day operations to take the time for their website development.

As a result Marketing Media’s founders, using their experience and knowledge in online marketing, were able to take the guesswork out of building a website and provide custom to turnkey solutions that are user friendly and affordable for small businesses.




Although Marketing Media has only been around a short while, we have already produced impressive results with different clients in different markets around the globe.

Looking ahead, by helping small businesses with our talent, technology and bringing intelligent solutions to the online world, we believe we can make a difference for SMBs and establish ourselves as a leader in the web design field.


Our project team involves an account manager, a project manager, web designers, programmers and seo specialists. Additional designers and programmers are assigned to your project based on the project requirements. We guide you through the three main phases of web design:
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Web


  • Christian Fillion Director of Business DevelopmentBachelor of Business Administration, Finance Major
    Christian, an entrepreneur by nature, has over 10 years experience in digital communications. He has also served as a consultant to a number of national companies in helping them define and implement successful Internet strategies.
  • Jean-Rémy Roussel Sales Director Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing Major
    Jean-Rémy leads our sales team. Jean-Rémy is available to take your calls anytime and he'll be pleased to help you out.
  • Ben’J Thibeault Concept Developer / Art Director B.B.A. in Marketing & MBA in Marketing
    Armed with a strategic mind and an eye for great creative, Ben’J leads our team of wonderfully talented graphic designers. Ben'J has a successful 6-year track record in online marketing which includes launching, growing, and selling his own ecommerce business.
  • Richard SEO SpecialistBachelor of Science, Computer Major
    Experience, certified and qualified ecommerce consultant and SEO Specialist with proven track record of SEO, PPC & SMM and successful ecommerce website.
  • Laurence Web Project ManagerBachelor of Business Administration, Marketing Major
    Its role is to manage all stages of the project, from requirements analysis to the launch of the online site. She is the primary contact with the client and ensures compliance with budget, schedule, set framework and functionality previously agreed with the client.
  • Carl Senior Designer & ProgrammerBachelor of Arts, Graphic Design Major
    Carl specializes in creating visually stunning consumer targeted web spaces with an incredible sense of style; rich use of color and textures; and keen attention to usability and navigation factors.
  • Maxim Designer & Senior ProgrammerBachelor of Arts, Graphic Design Major
    Maxim technical expertise in back end programming, front end design and scripting give him experience on all phases of development which translates into success of his clients' projects.
  • Izaak Designer & ProgrammerBachelor of Arts, Graphic Design Major
    Izaak has designed and delivered successful projects on many web-based, desktop and mobile platforms. Also has expertise in Motion Graphics, video and sound editing.
  • Christian Designer & ProgrammerBachelor of Arts, Graphic Design Major
    Christian was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad. A web designer who loves to create and develop sites using the latest tendencies.
  • James ProgrammerBachelor of Science, Computer Major
    James is a member of our software engineering team and spends a fair amount of his time writing elegant code.
  • Véronique SEO EditorBA in History
    Freelance journalist for six years and author, Véronique Lessard has a creative spirit and great professionalism. Diligent in her work, she writes and corrects the contents of Web pages.
  • The New Guy
    See our jobs page for current vacancies and to learn what it's like to work here. Résumés are always welcome. Email yours.
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